Are you interested in mat or equipment classes?
We offer separate pricing for both our mat and equipment classes. However, if you are interested in both, you might consider our Limited and Unlimited Packages.

Do you find working out in a group setting motivating? Or do you prefer your privacy?
Some clients find extra motivation, and enjoy the energy and camaraderie of our group classes, while others appreciate the one-on-one attention of our duets, semi-private and private sessions. For our clients who prefer to work out individually with our certified instructors, we offer a variety of Private Sesssion Plans. Please email us or call us at 541.647.0876 to reserve your private session with one of our certified instructors.

How often do you plan on attending?
If you plan on doing Pilates with us once or twice a week, purchasing mat or equipment classes, duets, semi-private or private sessions are your best bet. However, if you plan on attending more frequently with the goal of  achieving results more quickly, our Limited and Unlimited Packages will be your best value.

Are you a first-timer?
If so, please check out our introductory offers for new clients.