“I’ve been working with Debby at Bend Pilates for over a year.  In that time, I have seen my level of fitness and flexibility increase significantly.  My Pilates workouts have allowed me to feel healthier and more fit. By increasing my core strength and improving my posture, my friends frequently remark that I seem taller than I used to.  Debby is a knowledgeable and motivating instructor.  All of the Bend Pilates instructors are able to provide personalized instruction that takes into account the goals and physical needs of their clients.  I also appreciate that Bend Pilates provides training in a bright, modern and clean environment.”

–Brad T.

“In just 3 sessions my clothes fit me differently!”

–Kay W.

“The BEST Pilates studio. Truly wonderful instructors. Deb Bowen is the reason I can do all the activities I love to do. I’ve  been to many Pilates studios and never been more satisfied than I am with Bend Pilates. I highly recommend.

–Sheri H.

“This studio is first rate. Deb is a very experienced instructor and highly attentive to each person’s needs. The Healthy Bone Series is well worth taking for those with bone density issues and offers great tips for how to do Pilates safe and effectively. The Reformer classes were also excellent. The studio is well-equipped and the instructors know how to maximize use of various props to get the most out of a workout.”

–Janet R.

“I have been going to Bend Pilates for over a year now. Pilates is the only thing that resolved my lower back pain after herniating a disc. I really enjoy the team at Bend Pilates and find them knowledgeable and innovative. The classes are great–diverse and fun. Recommended!”

–Ileana B.

“Bend Pilates is a wonderful studio. They have a variety of equipment and mat classes to choose from with knowledgeable instructors. Private classes are especially beneficial. I have been working with Deb Bowen, the owner, consistently and have gained wonderful core strength that has helped improve my running. I have also lost five inches around my waistline in this short amount of time! A large portion of that is definitely due to Pilates. I love coming to this studio!”

–Kate C.

“Taking private Pilates lessons with Debby helped me to get into the best shape of my life. Debby knows exactly how to lead her clients through a workout to help them improve their strength and flexibility while taking care of old injuries and avoiding new ones. A year of Pilates helped me build long lean muscles, and improve my balance, coordination and grace. I wasn’t expecting it, but taking Pilates also helped me become a better belly dancer! Additionally, Debby is great fun to spend time with during lessons. My hours at Bend Pilates are among the highlights of my week. I definitely recommend this studio to anyone who wants to experience strength, confidence, and joy in their body!”

–Amber B.