• Foam Roller Workshop on Saturday, February 18

    Foam Roller Workshop on Saturday, February 18

    Our popular Foam Roller Workshop is back on Saturday, February 18, at Bend Pilates. We always have a great turnout for this fun and informative workshop, and encourage you to reserve your space online and RSVP here.

    Using a foam roller offers many of the same benefits as massage. Similar to deep-tissue massage, which reduces muscle tightness and aids in myofascial release, a foam roller provides an effective and inexpensive way to achieve the same results. Some of the benefits of using a foam roller:

    ⦿ Reduces muscle soreness
    ⦿ Improves flexibility
    ⦿ Prevents injury
    ⦿ Effective self-guided, at-home part of wellness routine
    ⦿ Simple, well-priced equipment
    ⦿ Noticeable, immediate relief

    Cost is only $15 per person and all equipment is provided. We hope you will join us of this fun, low-key workshop at Bend Pilates.


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