• Top Five Ways to Keep Your Resolutions with Pilates

    Top Five Ways to Keep Your Resolutions with Pilates

    Research data is backing up what our Bend Pilates team knows from our clients, who tell us why they choose Pilates and what their short- and long-term goals are. According to new findings about resolutions people made for 2017, we want more than just “good health.” We are collectively raising the bar on the predictable resolution to “exercise more” with the more ambitious and qualitative goals of being “fit” and “living life to the fullest.” The Bend Pilates team might be a little biased, but we passionately believe in the holistic Pilates experience, a method that connects all parts of the body; mind, breath, blood, muscles, bones, connective tissue all come together through intention to create an enviably strong body from the inside out.

    Of course, there’s more to achieving your goals than simply setting them. There’s the follow through. Here are our top 5 ways to ensure you keep your resolutions and enjoy the results of your hard work:

    1. Make an appointment. Scheduling time for you and your workout prevents you from prioritizing other demands on your time. Booking a class with us helps you have an appointment with yourself to achieve your goals.
    2. Enlist an expert. One of the top resolutions of 2017 was to learn something new. There is gratification on many levels when you learn a new skill and push yourself intellectually and physically, and proven anti-aging benefits. Partnering with a certified Pilates instructor gives you confidence to learn and master.
    3. Invest in yourself. Setting aside a small budget for your Pilates classes creates value for your time, your commitment and your health. Our monthly packages are a great way to save money while giving yourself enough time to see the results of your workouts.
    4. Be a regular. Find a studio with a good vibe, where you are comfortable and inspired, and settle in. You will be more relaxed and open to your own training and growth when you feel at ease to be your awesome, imperfect self.
    5. Bring a friend. A tried-and-true way of sticking with your Pilates routine is to bring a friend. In addition to sharing the experience there is the benefit of mutual support and encouragement.

    We offer many great ways to get started–and stay engaged–at Bend Pilates, including Introductory Offers and Monthly Packages. Already a fan and know what you love to do at Bend Pilates? Book your class here. New to Pilates? Email or call us at 541.647.0876 to schedule a complimentary one-on-one appointment to find out how Bend Pilates can help you not just satisfy your new year resolutions, but achieve lifelong goals.

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